Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know nobody really reads this but I'll put my thoughts down here. I've been thinking a lot lately, about myself as an artist and how I identify myself. Right now...no, for years I've been going through an identity crisis, a never ending spiral into countless confusing facades and falsities--but I think I have it. Time.

Taking time to actually think or plan out what I want to do, taking the time to polish and finish. I've been avoiding it all. I expect masterpieces after 5 hours of effort. I look at other beautifully finished art and I tell myself how I could do better or the same. I try and fail, easily frustrated or put off by the simplest of things. I lose my hair thinking "How can I do that? I know it's in me!"

And it's time!

So yeah, I have been thinking...what have I been doing? I've wasted so much time. Out of practice and out of the norm. From now on I'd like to put in the time and put something nice here eventually.

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