Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puddle 025....PSYKE!!! I Got Nothin...

It's been a few days. I've got block. Life is busy and troublesome. Hopefully I'll have something to post next week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Puddle 024...and WIP...

An onion...It was about 2 hours on the onion but about 45 minutes on the actual "finished" thingy. I feel I could've done more with it but I was tired of it and just wanted to be done. I think I will do another apple tomorrow. Apples are funner! Yes that word does not exist.

Since Angel and Trevor are doing a Zelda challenge I thought I would participate but then remembered my commitment issues. So I settle for some Twilight Princess fanart! I have wanted to do some forever...with Midna in particular. I just love her character design. I am not sure I like how Midna is posed as she seems a little stiff to me. I think I will change the canvas size to something wider too.

Also for that damn Panty and Stocking picture...Panty is finally done but I'm not sure what to do with Stocking. I'm not satisfied with the inks on her and I don't know if I want to go back to it or not.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Puddle 023...

An apple still life. And the "Oh hell yeah" cat from an earlier post that I am too lazy to link. I spent about an hour and a half on the apple and booooy did I LEARN. I scrapped the first few tries. While it's not the first apple I've had to paint or draw it has been a long time since I've spent time and effort coloring something (minus that P&SW/G picture that I may never finish). I've been doing heavy research lately and I guess I am going to slowly build myself up to painting a detailed background in Photoshop. It's such a huge commitment and I can barely stay committed to my sketches!

The damn cat was done in TVPaint in about 30 minutes...I was mainly just messing around and trying to get the hang of the program...there are missing tweens and he gets smaller during the end but I didn't care, I animated straight ahead. I hope there is like a reference panel in the program somewhere. I know in the future I need to better plan my animations and make sure that when doing my poses everything is the same volume. I am sure if I continue to work on my construction and work ethic (not waiting until the very end to fix shit) that I'll be well on my way...again all this may seem like common sense but I'm not art-smart :P Until my animation gets stronger I'll be working on paper though, just have to setup my ghetto rig.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puddle 022...

Errrr I wanted to start Heavy Rain tonight but I made myself draw instead -_- The first is my cavegirl Fieka+unnamed friend...I am currently working on a short with her but...I need to revise a lot of it and storyboard it all over again. The second was to practice some digital painting from a screen got out of hand as far as who it was supposed to be. Did it in about 45 minutes, it's rough and obviously unfinished. I think it can be saved but I'm not sure annnndd I have lost interest in it. I would like to finish up my Watson picture so what I learned from this quickie I shall apply to that WIP instead.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flippin' Construction KOPYKATS...001

Bugs and Daffy drawn in roughly 15 minutes. That nasty Babs and Buster in about 6 minutes.
Bugs in about 5 minutes and Tom and Jerry drawn in about 10 minutes.

During a late chat with a good friend last night/early morning I was explaining my frustration of not knowing what the fook I'm doing the majority of the time when I draw and was referred to this post by John Kricfalusi. I read his blog from time to time but it had been a few years...I used to pause and watch cartoons in slow motion on the VCR when I was little. When I first started drawing anime I copied the really helped me learn. I'm not sure why I stopped making copies! Sooo I will be making copies...solid copies. These are not very solid and still drawn very quickly and I've got to slow down and learn to take my time...they were done to get my feet wet. Next time I post I'm going to take my time and put in some deep thought to building up the construction on them. These posted drawings are not exact copy attempts, more like interpretations. I'm hoping this will help me plan out my drawing and solidify my thoughts some. Hell, it better solidify them!

Off topic but...The Looney Tunes Show is SO PRETTY...I really don't want to like that show but it's growing on me. If anything it's nice to look at.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Puddle 021...

I know I have not been posting at least every other day like I should but I am still drawing everyday, or at least researching. I've been mostly researching the past few days. Starting tomorrow I'm going to be making an archive of photos to reference to try my hand at some backgrounds. I've been feeling pretty confident lately...feeling really good.

I am still going to finish that Panty and Stocking WIP...I've learned a lot about my own way of doing things from it and a lot of things in my process that I need to fix. Often when I sketch I leave all my mistakes in there until the very end, or I just don't fix things at all...this is my main problem I think. doodles:

Quickie doodles from an idea about a girl and her overprotective dad.

Still developing this witch hat idea I've dice.

A doodle of Homura from Madoka...such a wonderful anime. I really love Shaft studios, they are so amazing.

Quickie of previous characters from another undeveloped story. I've thought about writing again but I can't pull all the details together at the moment.

More development of the same character.

He originally wasn't a redesign of my old dog character Chomps, hence the poorly erased cigarette. I feel good about his redesign...he is very special to me and has grown with me since his inception 15 years ago.

More development of the same character girly from above as well as from a previous post...and this one. I am too lazy to rearrange the pictures and group them together :/