Sunday, June 26, 2011

Puddle 018...

My internet was out for a few days...but I didn't stop drawing! Another P&S WIP, the little running girl from an idea I am developing....and characters from another story that I need to sit down and think about one day :P


  1. i am incredibly jealous of your line quality on pant/stocking. how did you do that? if you say "i just have magic steady hands" I will hit you

  2. also just curious what size do you make your canvas's?

  3.'s not that I have magic steady hands, it's just my Intuous3. If you want we can trade tablets!! I think that's a great idea :P Haha! Ehhh but really, a loooong time ago, when I used to actually finish my artwork I'd often ink it (pens and microns), so I do have experience with it. Getting everything looking even with the tablet is taking some getting used to. The more you do it the better it gets. Also tablet/program/brush settings make a huge difference in line quality so you may want to tinker with it. I'll text you my settings today when I get time. For my canvas sizes they vary but I usually work at least at 1000px and a minimum of 200 dpi.