Thursday, June 30, 2011

Puddle 020...WIP again wu-whaaaaa?

Panty is almost done. Things are pretty hectic so I just leave it open on my computer and work on it bit by bit throughout the day. She still needs some polish...deciding what to do with her lashes, her belt, fixing the line weight issues...Stocking is next. If you are wondering what Panty is holding in her open palm....they are what they are...CANDY!!! Right? Right guys?

The second is another Maggickcitti doodle...I still don't have any definite character designs so I was just messing around.

The third is a drawing not by me but by my 4 year old son...his first digital "painting"! While working on Panty he was watching me...and he wanted to mess with my tablet. I am hoping he will take more interest in art....maybe be like me!

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