Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flippin' Construction KOPYKATS...001

Bugs and Daffy drawn in roughly 15 minutes. That nasty Babs and Buster in about 6 minutes.
Bugs in about 5 minutes and Tom and Jerry drawn in about 10 minutes.

During a late chat with a good friend last night/early morning I was explaining my frustration of not knowing what the fook I'm doing the majority of the time when I draw and was referred to this post by John Kricfalusi. I read his blog from time to time but it had been a few years...I used to pause and watch cartoons in slow motion on the VCR when I was little. When I first started drawing anime I copied the really helped me learn. I'm not sure why I stopped making copies! Sooo I will be making copies...solid copies. These are not very solid and still drawn very quickly and I've got to slow down and learn to take my time...they were done to get my feet wet. Next time I post I'm going to take my time and put in some deep thought to building up the construction on them. These posted drawings are not exact copy attempts, more like interpretations. I'm hoping this will help me plan out my drawing and solidify my thoughts some. Hell, it better solidify them!

Off topic but...The Looney Tunes Show is SO PRETTY...I really don't want to like that show but it's growing on me. If anything it's nice to look at.

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