Monday, July 11, 2011

Puddle 023...

An apple still life. And the "Oh hell yeah" cat from an earlier post that I am too lazy to link. I spent about an hour and a half on the apple and booooy did I LEARN. I scrapped the first few tries. While it's not the first apple I've had to paint or draw it has been a long time since I've spent time and effort coloring something (minus that P&SW/G picture that I may never finish). I've been doing heavy research lately and I guess I am going to slowly build myself up to painting a detailed background in Photoshop. It's such a huge commitment and I can barely stay committed to my sketches!

The damn cat was done in TVPaint in about 30 minutes...I was mainly just messing around and trying to get the hang of the program...there are missing tweens and he gets smaller during the end but I didn't care, I animated straight ahead. I hope there is like a reference panel in the program somewhere. I know in the future I need to better plan my animations and make sure that when doing my poses everything is the same volume. I am sure if I continue to work on my construction and work ethic (not waiting until the very end to fix shit) that I'll be well on my way...again all this may seem like common sense but I'm not art-smart :P Until my animation gets stronger I'll be working on paper though, just have to setup my ghetto rig.

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