Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Puddle 021...

I know I have not been posting at least every other day like I should but I am still drawing everyday, or at least researching. I've been mostly researching the past few days. Starting tomorrow I'm going to be making an archive of photos to reference to try my hand at some backgrounds. I've been feeling pretty confident lately...feeling really good.

I am still going to finish that Panty and Stocking WIP...I've learned a lot about my own way of doing things from it and a lot of things in my process that I need to fix. Often when I sketch I leave all my mistakes in there until the very end, or I just don't fix things at all...this is my main problem I think. doodles:

Quickie doodles from an idea about a girl and her overprotective dad.

Still developing this witch hat idea I've dice.

A doodle of Homura from Madoka...such a wonderful anime. I really love Shaft studios, they are so amazing.

Quickie of previous characters from another undeveloped story. I've thought about writing again but I can't pull all the details together at the moment.

More development of the same character.

He originally wasn't a redesign of my old dog character Chomps, hence the poorly erased cigarette. I feel good about his redesign...he is very special to me and has grown with me since his inception 15 years ago.

More development of the same character girly from above as well as from a previous post...and this one. I am too lazy to rearrange the pictures and group them together :/

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